A startling revelation

So I woke up this morning (hurrah), trundled out to the balcony to dry my clothes, and was suddenly hit by the revolting stench of diesel fumes. The still, humid air that descended in the bay last night served up the reality of living on a low floor above a Public Transport Interchange. Bleargh! Felt slightly motivated to launch a spirited campaign lobbying for a complete changeover to electric and natural gas buses.

Happiness is having a friend to watch a movie and sup with — in this case, the friend in question being AJ, the movie being The Postmodern Life of My Aunt by director Ann Hui and the supper being Triple-O burgers from Canada. Plummy movie, yummy supper. Better movie than supper, overall. Found myself in a bit of bind trying to explain what “postmodern” means to AJ, ending with the tacky line, “why don’t you check it out on Wikipedia“. Urp! University was a long time ago!

Anyway, the movie! Did I ever mention what I thought about movies? Plato had his shadows on the cave walls, later dudes had campfires and drawing rooms, now we have the movie theatre to share our realities. That’s what I think about movies, that they’re our oral traditions writ large and rolled into film. Where was I? The movie! Here’s what’s amazing about it:

  • Pitch-perfect acting — and not just by the force of nature that is Siqin Gaowa or the living legend that is Chow Yun-Fat
  • Nuanced scripting based on a book I must seek out
  • Intoxicating soundtrack by the same guy who scored many Miyazaki films — Joe Hisaishi, I salute you!
  • The eyes-wide-open cinematography, design and direction gave me another window on China, just like The Story of Qiuju by Zhang Yimou did — I was just feeling a bit o’ yearning for travellin’, when this movie got me going on a journey of its own
  • You can look at the movie head on and admire it for what it is, or you can look askance and find your own revelations — just what is it about the Aunt that results in her life story, what makes her Life Postmodern, who is the hidden narrator in the title? And is that big shiny moon made of pungent cheese?

Watched it at AMC Pacific Place again — today was Cheap Day, apparently! Must … remember … Cheap Day.

Now go your life to the truest!


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