Twisted and so danged weird

Here I am up late after attending a colleague’s karaoke party in honour of her birthday. Sounds like an über-HK cliché, but it was quite surprising, really. Many of the people there were ang moh (of course I don’t mean this in a derogatory manner), for one thing! Anyway, it was yet another lesson in cultural communcation. And an awful realisation about how twisted I am. The colleague is quite saintly (of course I don’t mean this in a derogatory manner), but I managed to swear on the spur as I am wont to do when mishandling music and lyrics, which made things kinda awkward, after which I felt like a real doofus. Gah, I think I’ve become less and less goodly, which is not what I know I want. I want to be the kind of person who doesn’t swear like a sailor (who knows how uncouth sailors really are, anyway) on reflex. I fall short in a lot of things, and that’s a fact.

Well, onwards and upwards, as my company mug says. That’s one gift I’ve begun to use. It’s actually quite nifty, being thermal and all. Another gift I’ve been using with much regularity is a cutesome felt pouch for my Octopus card made with a friend’s own two hands. Kawaii and practical! I could not ask for more. Speaking of which, did you know that a lot of HK credit cards are tied in with twinkly toed cartoon characters?! I might get a Hello Kitty credit card, even though I don’t like the whatsit that much, and it might garner a few sputters in some grown-up quarters. Pink credit cards are fascinating, mah. Check these out!

It’s really quite siao, hor. All from the same bank, some more. Heard a rumour about a Jimmy 幾米 credit card, but haven’t found it by googling yet! Anyone has any leads? Anyway, all this cuteness is miles better than a card encrusted with jelly beans or teddy bears, which is my bank’s version of a ladies’ card! Yes, these thoughts are those that pass through my mind these days. Anyway, it strikes me as highly amusing how all this cutesy wootsey is terribly inconsequential to the western mind, yet horribly fascinating to the far eastern one. Has anyone published a paper on this?!


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