Baby got back

Man, reading MV’s notes on our Great India Escapade really got my blogging engines revving — what’s more, we’d decided to be conscientious and record our daily doings in diaries, and I’ve got plenty of photos — so what am I waiting for?!

Thing is, I’m currently crippled by lack of software. Don’t have my nifty Adobe Photoshop Elements in my mom’s laptop, so can’t do the cropping and resizing I’m used to — also the reason why the image header is so danged pixellated, I’ve got scant control over it!

The irritable sop in me can’t allow her photos to be unmolested, so my memories are staying put in my nifty notebook for now. Sorry.

I really had a whale of a time, though! And the rosy blush of passing time will only make it better!


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