Perspicacious perceptivity

Hot on the heels of yesterday’s post comes … today’s post!

Two observations about Hong Kong I want to share:

  1. You gotta have good shoes to get ahead here.
    Footwear has become fascinating. Oh boy, I yearn for comfort and good looks. And a pedicure. Where is the heck is my Luxe guide to this town?! Pounding the pavements every day, I am. It takes a ridiculous amount of pavement just to surface from my MTR stop. In Singaporean terms, anyway. I’m beginning to suspect that the shoes here are built narrower than those back home — I miss my soft brown booties from Metro!
  2. People-watching is highly entertaining here.
    Well, it’s like watching Fashion TV, innit? Many many many people who take care with what they wear, how they present themselves to other eyes. Makes for an education and an ongoing inner monologue on my way to and fro the office. Maybe will absorb something by eyes-mosis.

I’m not allowing myself to think about missing the land I left behind. I wanted to come here, didn’t I? In any case, I’m curious to find out if the years of nationalist indoctrination has worked. Or will work. Spotted my little red dot on a map today, and it really looked so tiny, so small and, no, not insignificant — brave.


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