Sign of the times

I’ve been naughty. I haven’t been posting though I have had my mom’s laptop handy for the past week or so. Why I find pleasure in putting things off is one of those mysteries I must grasp before I die. Or have I said this before …

I’ve also been silly. Have been eating a lot of junk and blew a good chunk of a weekend finishing up the Korean drama My Girl. The former is what I regret; the latter was good fun — what a great example of a brilliant script! The lead actress is a real charmer, and her get-ups finally made me admire Korean fashion. The lead actor is sweetly dorky and sometimes reminded me of my favourite musician. Generally an all-round good ol’ entertainer of a show. Unlike the Prison Break second season, which has twisted my innards somewhat. Can’t take too much of suspense and gore, huh. I’m only watching it cos my dad (yup, he made a sudden second visit cos he missed me, he said) actually bought a TV. Egads, my intended life of austerity is no more. But then, blazing access to the Net never lent itself to a hermit’s life either.

Oh yeah, so about that bookstore near my office — phwoar! It’s like a publishers’ warehouse kinda place, everything inside is heavily discounted, and they even have the very latest titles. I went away with a beautifully done hardback celebration of A Charlie Brown Christmas Carol. Is that what the movie’s called?! Anyway, I’ll only visit the sacrosanct place once a month, else money would soon be depleted. Living by Erasmus’ words may be romantic but going hungry mystifies me.

On the other hand, to honour the adage that women are willing to spend any amount to gussy themselves up, I intend to blow a whole wad on cosmetic principles. Have already made an appointment with an Internetionally popular dermatologist that should cost a bomb — she’s so hawt that I could only book a slot in mid May! In the meantime, my skin’s been rebelling. Could it be the water?

I should start searching for a church, I know. Going to give a Cantonese service v. near my place a try — sounds weird, but there’s a certain soundness in it. A blessed colleague attends it with her English-only husband, so I feel moved to see if I can find a piece of peace there. “Never forget where you’re coming from.” I should also start participating in the charitable organisations that seem so full of get-go here. There’s Oxfam, even. Médecins Sans Frontières, I hope to help. There’s plenty of other stuff to try too — another very kind colleague has nudged opened a few doors here and there. I get by on the good graces of other people. I have got to remember to keep my head up and look at it all straight in the proverbial eye. Gah!

Maybe I’m trying to stop being the me-who-I-was-comfortable-with, but however it goes, I hope to present a better self to all who know and care at the end of all this. In the meantime, I owe a lot of email replies!

Adding a postscript: encountered a proper mystery at work! On the other hand, it does seem kinda gross of me to notice. But anyway, someone tossed a pregnancy trash kit in the washroom bin a day or two ago! What rich fodder for a clichéd story!


8 thoughts on “Sign of the times

  1. Well, you discovered “My Girl” only now? I spent a few sleepless nights going through the serial, not once, but (i think) twice a few months ago!! And i think the male lead is really cute!!

    On your “skin condition”, I suffered too when i went to HK for 1 week then. I’m convinced its because of the polluted air! (Same problem i had with Bangkok). Eat antioxidants to clean your system (and your skin will benefit too).

  2. deb — not so much adventure as peradventure, I suspect!

    bellydancer — not yet! the yoga place I wanted to join feels a little out of the way now, and I’ve got a gym downstairs … maybe when I start getting a paycheck, I’ll think more expansively … heheh. Oh, and there’s a Fitness First right next to my workplace! Gotta check if they have good yoga teachers.

    esther — I’m slowly going through all the Korean shows with happy endings, mah — there aren’t too many of them so I don’t want to exhaust my options so soon! The guy got cuter and cuter. Cutest at the end. Hehe. Have you watched My Sassy Girl Chun-hyang yet? Is it watchable? AJ told me today she had a skin explosion when she returned to HK after those years in Singapore. Maybe it’s a rite of passage. Gotta start taking vitamins, I know!

    EY — the food here is generally good, but funny enough, I haven’t had dim sum yet! Wah, how come you know Jay Chou is holding a concert in Chongqing … I only found out a few days ago. Was a little bit tempted, but was sobered by the thought that (1) I can’t take leave yet and (2) I don’t want to go to Chongqing (which part of China is it in again?!).

  3. Not sure about the My Sassy Girl Chun-hyang. I reckon it should be nice, not sure about the happy ending part.

    As for the guy, yes, he got cuter and cuter and cuter till he’s irresistible!

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