The luxury of time

Here’s another thought: I must have inherited my telly-addictive aspect from my mother! Oh boy, she’s been crazier than I have about watching the Korean series My Girl over the past two late late nights. One reason could be she wants to spend time with me also — has been agitating to watch a movie in the past week as well. Too bad The Queen is off the screens! And Dreamgirls was showing so danged late!

In other tidbits (not tit bits, for goodness’ sake, why can’t people see that, or mebbe it’s cos they can’t):

  • My fondness for Nintendo as a company has been rekindled by this article, and the fact that my Nintendo DS Lite is such a joy to play with.
  • I didn’t realise that Water is an Oscar nominee from Canada and Deepa Mehta is a fabbo interviewee. Check these out:

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