Discovery channelled

In the last 48 hours, five little thoughts occurred to me:

  1. It is highly probable that I have tinnitus.
  2. Those goose pimply bits on my arms and legs indicate a fungal type of thing, according to a pharmacist.
  3. Since my most major crush continues to receive nothing but high praise from those who knew him, it should mean I have reasonable taste.
  4. I’m leaving the comforts of home in little more than 48 hours. What am I doing!
  5. Swapping bee-yoo-tee tips is great fun. Live and let learn, I say! For example: the application of sunblock should be extended to the neck and even chest area. Preventing sun damage means handicapping part of the aging process. It would be quite strange to have a young-ish face swivelling on a leathery neck.

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