I ate meat today! Thrice!

First time, was a bite out of a piece of pork in my miso ramen. It was okay, but I forgoed the remainder. The crunch of the sweet corn played against the heavy warmth of the savoury soup held my attention instead. You can try the same at Gallery Hotel!

Second time, it was mystery meat in a dumpling. Gave me heartburn.

Third time, it was Hainanese chicken rice. The rice was okay, but even though I thanked the chicken with each bite I took, the stench of slaughter lingered on my tongue. I didn’t finish the meat.

Now I know for sure that things have changed with my tummy and tastebuds. Yucks.

Good thing I had the Canelé strawberry shortcake again, this time at the shop itself at long last. Yummy-licious! The ice lemon tea was stingy-sized though. Managed to pay a visit to The Patissier too, but though it smelt heavenly, it was no place to lounge.


2 thoughts on “Bleargh!

  1. Oh no it was that bad ah?! Then HK how…? But I think it should be ok after a while. Its only psychological. My friend who was vegatarian for four years is now quite a meat-lover!

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