Should’ve, would’ve, could’ve

By unexpected demand, I’m giving up my zen black blog for this minimalist-ish white blog. I hope you’re happy! You know who you are!

So anyhow, my time of departure got shifted to 8 a.m. instead of 4.30 p.m. — boohoo! Cold dread seeped into my heart this morning. Why am I heading for the pollution of the Pearl River Delta just to earn a living? Okay, there are other reasons. As Uma Thurman once said when asked why she consented to the courtship of Ethan Hawke on the sets of Gattaca, “Boredom is a great motivator.” I’d better not be bored in Hong Kong! Or who knows what I’d be capable of!

All in God’s time. I must remember that.

Speaking of time, yesterday, the third impending mother of a Golden Piglet was presented before me! And was also reminded of a third impending wedding dinner (concerning different people!). Actually, there’s a fourth, but who’s keeping track? Go forth and multiply!

Had the weirdest dream last night (went to bed with slight indigestion) — was hauled into court and convicted of something or other, but the punishment was one injection to each arm (of what I have no idea) with some yellow liquid from a frickin’ long needle. When I looked at them arms, I found to my consternation tattooed words (no, have not been reading The Scarlett Letter), one or two words on the right arm, and a growing number of words on the left. All I remember is something like … “I Every Day Weep” starting off the bad prose on the left arm.

  1. I may have watched Prison Break with too much intensity.
  2. I may have suffered an unconscious anxiety attack about unfinished business. Literally!
  3. I may need to go on an ascetic-type diet.
  4. I may need a flu shot.

Empty pockets are also a great motivator — for eschewing materialism and greed.

In the meantime, there is so very little time left to meet treasured friends and make goodbyes! And I won’t hear the end of it if I neglect to do so. Argh! Am tempted to just throw an impromptu party akin to the crazy 21st, but really — there’s no time!


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