Save our senses

Wise tips for poor Britney:

SOS Style. How to save Britney: 6 Fashion Tips That Can Save Our Starlet.

I don’t usually spend much time thinking about Britney Spears and neither should you. However, when I heard that even the Superbowl bigwigs turned up their noses at her, I started feeling bad. And with my 2007 resolutions to embody compassion and generosity in mind, I compiled a few pointers for this sinking ship. I can only muster enough momentary sympathy for 6 tips but I am of the opinion that you should add to the list. Come on, I know your can stow the snark for one day (or, fine, try one whole minute) and give her some good fashion advice (leave the life advice to a qualified professional). So, what can this has-been do to go from fashion mess to a must-see?

Click and be pleasantly surprised! Though it’s a bit cute how the pictured suggestions are tweaked for her price reach.


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