Through the lens of a hierarchy

So my dentist tells me (using other words) that I have jaw muscles the metaphorical size of a bodybuilder’s bicep cos I prolly grind my teeth or keep ’em clenched unknowingly. OK, that explains some of my life. Hey, does this mean my face will slim down if I keep things lax? Time for an experiment! That I will probably fail to follow through with!

Here’s a solid interview with Wentworth Miller on Prison Break, a show that’s just about impossible to multi-task your way around. Includes a Buffy mention! Though I’d realised this earlier, why did I not connect Mr Masked Mariah Carey with Mutated Swimmer right away? Anyway, am just gonna enjoy the filmic proceedings as long as they last.

Volume 3 of The Joss’s Astonishing X-men will be out 31 January! Woohoo! I have crossed oceans of time for you, my pretty …


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