Human-like responses

  1. All hail the Ive-ry Tower
    Do note the erroneous usage of the word “luddite”.
  2. More iPhone, more!
    “And does it have an optical scanner that detects your eyeball movements so that you merely have to look at a name in your contacts list and blink in order to choose and call him?”
  3. Fifty years from now, I want to try everything too.
    “She’s wearing glamorous, big silver earrings that dangle furiously when she leans forward in her chair to make a point – and she has an opinion on everything.”
  4. Losing the plot.
    “Their spending power will buy them a certain status, but being ‘royalty’ doesn’t mean a thing here.”
  5. Words are not enough.
    “According to the Red Cross, the regime at Guantánamo causes psychological suffering that has driven inmates mad, with scores of suicide attempts and three inmates killing themselves last year.”
  6. We’re gonna die!
    “Public complacency may have set in during several relatively quiet months.”

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