Say when

Gosh, will Apple Inc’s iPhone ever arrive on Singapore’s shores? This technological marvel must be shared with the world!

Founder’s tears

Outside the building, BBC News Online happened upon Steve Wozniak, the co-founder of Apple, who was leaving the keynote on his Segway transportation device. …

Mr Wozniak said he was in tears at the announcement.

“I like products that are really designed the way that people want them and because of that I just am sick of every PDA device I ever try,” he told BBC News Online.

“I’ve tried all the smartphones [and] every time I am just so disgusted with using them. It’s not the enjoyable experience that my laptop is. It’s largely just [things like] email looking right, the web looking right, simple human things.”

Wozniak said he agreed with Jobs’ description of this announcement as a revolution.

“I think this product will do as much for the phone of the future as the iPod has for the music device of now,” he said.

Why is the keynote video always so patchy when I wanna watch it?! (That is, right after the keynote.) Ooh, I’m looking forward to the Universal Binary version of Mac Office. I know it’s bloatware, but I like it nonetheless.

Here’s another technological marvel for you: I’m sure you’ve heard of the $100 laptop? There’s a plan to get the public to buy it in pairs, so the other one can be sent to underprivileged children across the world. I’m game.

Funny how I’m having no problems adjusting to the present being the year 2007.

Am approaching impending move to HK with bemusement and wonder. First have tail ends to tie up (am I abusing the language here?!) and India to embrace. Wahey! Am heading to Mumbai on 22 January, then to Cuttack and Chennai. Grumble: it now feels like there’s an egg under my tetanus-shot bicep. Can barely scrub my back, ow.


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