Sunblock is the key

I keep forgetting! Wanted to cut and paste this for some time now (OK, more than a year ago) — it’s just a (somewhat amended) template email I shoot off to anyone asking about Maple Clinic, that hallowed dermatological ground I tread on in Tampines. Think more than 14 peeps have ventured there upon my urging and nudging and whatnot, and who knows how many more each of them have encouraged forth? Remember, kids — prevention is better than cure. Seek help early!

Dr ONG Fung Chin
Maple Clinic
Blk 825 Tampines St 81 #01-64
Singapore 520825
Tel: 67839038
(Take a cab from Tampines MRT, I have no idea what shuttle bus to take.)

If you’re working full-time, you’ll have to see her on Saturday morning. Whatever it is, call a day ahead to check that she’ll be in. There’s another doctor at the clinic called Dr ANG and they work different shifts — sorry, I don’t have the updated schedule — so don’t get confused and end up whimpering! Information is power!

Now this is important: You can’t make an appointment to see her, you have to go to the clinic and get a queue number. You must get there around 20-30 minutes before the clinic opens to start queuing up. Otherwise, I guarantee a minimum wait of 2–3 hours just to see her. Come early and wait only an hour! She’s that popular. But worth it. Bring a book or a DS Lite. Or your homework. Or a patient friend.

She has her own product range (check it out at — there’s a brick-and-mortar presence at creeptastic Midpoint Orchard) which she might recommend certain items from — trust her, the stuff works. But she’s also willing to countenance your use of drugstore-standard stuff. Would be dead smart to bring along what you already use. Consultation charges for skin problems start from 20 bucks or so.

Would be prudent to bring pen and paper for the steps she’ll rattle off about your skincare routine. She’s a busy woman, you know!

West bishes!


5 thoughts on “Sunblock is the key

  1. hey sorry for this super out of date comment, is dr. ang as good as dr. ong? I’m visiting her heeren outlet but dr. ong is like so booked!

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