Synapse this

Just don’t know how my brain works. Whatever I draft in there is as wispy as the wind and vamooses just as easily. So, can’t think of what I wanted to say, especially after reading this.

Oh, I think I wanted to say something about Borat … movie’s best enjoyed knowing that the hapless folks in the film don’t know the man is not for real, and that he is speaking the perfect Hebrew. I can’t for the life of me spot what’s been edited. All I know is that I just about shat my metaphorical pants at the Raw Fight — but why was I the only one laughing like a crazy person? I never did deal consistently well with the self-control.

Goodbye to Miss Heng + SCGS. Her hope to make kim geks (jade and gold … precious things) out of us blue islanders always hovers round the edges of my aspirations. I was indoctrinated, good and proper, and I ain’t ashamed to admit it.

And … Manchester United are 6 points clear!


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