Head outta the window

I’ll miss the food here, the freedom of intuiting the level of trust for each establishment. The freedom of familiarity! The freedom that remaining in the nest brings.

OK, eating a whole bunch of green grapes at midnight may not be the best idea. I’m feeling 18 levels of queasy and … nerf!


4 thoughts on “Head outta the window

  1. local food is overrated. only char kway teow (with harm, keke) and hainanese chicken rice balls are worth your time. it’ll be a good experience – like an adventure and i think you’ll be more fearless. always a good thing.

  2. I think my philosophy in life is to approach everything with fear and trembling. Hope some other emotions will get in the way as I go through all this.

    And hey, it’s not just local hawker fare, but local variety of food that’ll be missed!

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