May time and tide bring her movies hither

After reading the following words of remembrance, I wanna watch Smita Patil’s films! Had no idea who she was before this encounter. (Have no idea about the first four actresses referenced in the intro either!) For some reason, her photo brings to mind Kareena Kapoor.

Remembering Smita Patil
Dinesh Raheja
December 13, 2006

Today, when a Chitrangada Singh, a Smriti Mishra, a Seema Biswas or a Vidya Malvade, catches one’s attention for her earthy sensuality and her keen sensitivity, it instantly brings forth images of their precursor, Smita Patil.

Today, when an off-beat film rides to fame on the current multiplex wave, it owes its debt to Smita Patil for being part of the quartet of actors (alongside Naseeruddin Shah, Shabana Azmi and Om Puri) who nurtured and cherished the art movement in its nascent stages in India.

Today, when any feminine character forges her own identity in Hindi cinema, it seems to reverberate with some echo from Smita’s haul of strong-woman performances. And you wonder how the actress would have interpreted the role.

Today, 20 years after she passed away due to complications from child birth on December 13, 1986, Smita Patil remains strikingly relevant. …


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