Dhoom 2 (2006): Bunty aur Babli was better!

69. Dhoom 2 (2006) — Hey, I’d forgot how well Hrithik Roshan can weave his way around a dance with unbelievable sinuousity. He’s a right dish in this movie, though too many high-definition muscles can be a bad thing. I’d never noticed his sixth finger till now. Aishwarya Rai’s body looked fabbo after the script-enforced slim-down, but then her face got all angular and aged. She’s okay the way she is in Umrao Jaan, what. The way she was staring at Abhishek Bachchan at the end was quite funny, could’ve sworn she was thinking “worra hunk”. Didn’t expect her to get so physical with HR, and she looked as though she was working hard to keep up with the ‘contemporary’ dance moves — it’s when stuff like that gets noticed that you know more work is needed. Still think Uday Chopra is a chipmunk. Bipasha Basu had some golden comedy moments and was a sexy beast. Anyway … this was light entertainment with big lashings of masala action — enjoyable, a feast for the eyes, but not much else to take away. Cop out of an ending, though sighs of relief were definitely heaved. The music relied too much on the power-wower that was the original’s. Long live the myriad magics of movies!


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