Today my grandma had a manicure

Does anyone who’s reading this know how to get ahold of ticket(s) to the Curse of the Golden Flower premiere at Vivocity on 12 Dec?! Aiyah. I’d be much obliged.

So anyway, watched my first Korean drama, Full House, which was impressive though a wee bit draggy in parts. Surprisingly sophisticated with some of its humour and scripting. Impeccably produced too. Now I can somewhat understand why people are willing to pay a minimum of $188 to watch Rain in concert. He has that, oh, je nais sais quoi blah blah blah. The revelation was really Song Hye Kyo (宋慧喬). (Not sure how her name should be romanised, copied it straight off Wikipedia.) Thanks to Mr Whedon, strong, layered, and slightly unhinged female characters always appeal to my sensibilities.

Just heard a rather choice line on telly: “Truthfully, I’m not the nicest person I know.” Ha! I definitely couldn’t say otherwise.


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