The fact of the matter is

As things have been rather slow-going at work this festive month, I’ve been checking up on BBC headlines ever so often with that nifty Firefox drop-down menu. Today I found myself dead pissed at what someone reportedly said.

If you had watched An Inconvenient Truth, the evidence for global warming would have been laid out before you, but you would be free to draw your own conclusions about its truth and severity, as well as your place in the whole scheme of things. You might just start to change the way you live, realise just how much you have been taking for granted.

Then, you read about someone like “Mr Myron Ebell” from the “Competitive Enterprise Institute” in a climate change report by the Beeb. And you find yourself wondering who or what has been doping the water. You decide to tap into the power of the ‘net, and google up a crapload of dirt on the guy. I’ll admit I even consulted the Anagram Server to check if his name is code for something Beezlebubbly. Verdict: I don’t like this “Mr Myron Ebell”. Should I be afraid to say it?

We have the ways and means to change our world for the better, and it’ll only happen if we start from today with ourselves. Chalo, chalo. Let’s go.


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