My, busy girl

The traffic police must have had quite a busy day. Or did I have one? Passed by the aftermath of three major bust-ups on the roads, the first of which was seen through a glass darkly:

Then there was a chain along the ECP that needed a fire engine to douse, followed by a set of krazy krashes at the big junction near Chinese Garden MRT. Nuts. Doubt that people got out of these unscathed.

On the me side of things, I’m feeling pleasantly bushed from a day chockful of family time and quality friends. Plus, wolfed down Martin Page’s How I Became Stupid and Diana Wynne Jones’s Pinhoe Egg yesterday, both of which pleased me tremendously. There are some lapses in the former, which may be the fault of the translation, but it is still delightfully Candide and stimulating. I have a lot of lost time to make up for, having lost touch with the magical process of druidic reading for a while (out of fear, or perhaps despair?). As for the latter, wah, wah, there are one or two almost unbearably kawaii moments (strange in a DWJ, weep to you too!), and again familiar figures are misguided fools, but what a fantastic and characteristically naturalistic continuation of the Chrestomanci series! Worth the wait and the hardback. Reading is great, kids! Stay in school!

In further bookish mush, popped by the return of the Page One at Vivocity today. Wah, wah, though a funny mixture of cheapo and grando is unbearably evident at times, I suspect it will be a favoured hangout henceforth. Has nice lime paper bag, being 80s in style is no problem for me. Grabbed two quaint Chinese titles (albeit both translations from Japanese, and one of which became a well-received gift) and a Rhodia set. Somewhat reminiscent of a peaceable Taipei bookstore, though with a poetic view of Pulau Blakang Mati. Feeling all cultured now!


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