Don (1978): On a friggin’ tightrope!

67. Don (1978) — OK, so Farhan Akhtar is a genius and so is his dad. The craziness and style of the remake is even more apparent now. And I witnessed the most outrageous disparagement-of-disbelief movie moment EVER. ARGH. So anyway, ultra-expressive acting aside, it’s easy to see why this original Don wormed its way into the popular consciousness, but also why Farhan Akhtar wanted to adapt it. Update it, perhaps. Fun comparing the nuances AB and SRK threw in to fall in with as well as thwart expectations. Zeenat Aman is kickass, full of atti-tood yet unfailingly alluring. And … actors today are expected to look more appealing than in the past … bigger able and willing talent pool, maybe? All in all a fun ride that never feels overly draggy, even though I watched a slicker version mere weeks ago, but it must come with the caveat that laughter may be provoked in all seriousness.


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