If you have ever been enamoured of good ol’ Britpop through the ages, here’s an article for you. Careful, it tickles.

Oldies are golden at the Q awards

You could be forgiven for consulting the history books. The winners at yesterday’s Q awards were a roll call of heroes from decades past – from 60s’ legend Smokey Robinson, the 70s’ Jeff Lynne, the 80s’ Aha and the 90s’ Take That. Add in Oasis, U2, Boy George, Peter Gabriel and the Who, and it would take a long time to add up the combined ages of the winners, though one observer did work out an average age of 41.

The baby of the winners, Alex Turner of the Arctic Monkeys – just 20 – admitted he was too young to know all the people around him, although that did not stop him from issuing a forthright assessment of one of the winners: “A lot of people make jokes about having awards for no reason just for the sake of having awards, and pretending they were good when they weren’t. I’m not old enough to know a lot of them, but even I know Take That were bollocks.”

Personally, I was a teenaged Take That fan. Now I know that it was partly drug-fuelled, but there you go. Youth!

By the way, why did Tata Young become slightly too skanky and Paris Hilton slightly saccharine? In their videos, that is. MTV!


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