Gathers no moss

Worra hectic weekend! Between waking up earlier than I’ve done in a year, running half of the Women’s 10K (Yep, I chickened out and did the 5K instead, which just about took my breath away — only the yellow and green ribbons tied to my shoelaces kept me going, since there was an SCGS for Miss Heng’s retirement party going on — I blame the haze for my failure to launch! Funny how hazing is banned in the US too, hardy har har.), trundling to Siglap for a cool housewarming, playing Age of Empires on the DS Lite, stabbing out a passage for work, whipping my CV into shape, rushing to town for Little Miss Sunshine (unrelentingly, furiously funny realism), playing catch-up with an old choirmate, getting myself an ionic hairdryer and my first Moleskine for 2007, dashing off a cover letter and generally mooching about … I’m spent!


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