Don (2006): It’s not unusual

66. Don (2006) — I haven’t been well and goodly duped by a film for so long that it is entertainment in itself! Hee hee. SRK is so very dashing here, except for the parts where he’s scary/creepy/evil/suspicious, as he’s meant to be. The befuddling behaviour all makes sense in the end! It’s not bad acting! Can’t wait to watch the original. It’s such a pity that the music couldn’t be lifted to the heights of the camera work. And that the choreography couldn’t have been subtler — I didn’t really get a singular sense of one character behind the moves, and it turned out that there were a couple, among them Saroj Khan and Farah Khan. Anyway, Boman Irani is so focused on his role, you never fail to be soundly immersed in the scene with him. Good one! He’s definitely one of my favourite actors now — those are good, strong acting chops to have. Priyanka Chopra is all beauty and such, but okay la, whatever. Kareena Kapoor is still vibrating in my mind, eeks. I wish SRK weren’t so grumpy and raspy in his roles these days, but what to do. Maybe it’s what happens as a smoker gets older. Anyhow, yeah, good old fashioned entertainment!

T-shirt fans of the world, Threadless is having a sale till Wednesday!

New MacBook Pros just came out, but apparently I’m supposed to look out for Xeon processors for longevity’s sake. The wait never ends! [Update: OK, apparently Core 2 Duo is 64 bit. Hmm!]

Over the long long weekend (now no more), I watched High School Musical three times. Hmm. Maybe should get the DVD.


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