Gangster — A Love Story (2006): Oy, wake up!

65. Gangster: A Love Story (2006) — This movie is about how it sucks to be love’s bitch and how stupid love’s bitches can be. So there. Plus, never trust that serial kisser. Argh, why do some films exist to make you tear up! The female lead, Kangna Ranaut, certainly is beautiful, but that is best evident in traditional garb — the modern-ish get-up makes her look like Diana Ross, dang it! I really don’t like that serial kisser dude. But that guy playing Da Gangster, Shiney Ahuja, was quite a revelation (except for a wee bit of over-acting). Poor sod! Man, I didn’t really wanna know how silly people can get under the Influence, or at least how filmmakers imagine them to get, but now I do. The songs were quite good, though. And it was a kick seeing South Korea through Bollywood. Aiyoyo.


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