What is to be done?

“She never wrote a word she did not believe in.”
— Yuliya Latynina from independent radio station Ekho Moskvy

Reading about Anna Politkovskaya’s assassination yesterday gave me a sickening sorrow. I remember her from being poisoned enroute to Beslan, hurrying to cover the massacre of innocents there. Why should power-ridden, greed-infested, heartless, rotten slimeballs be allowed to “cleanse” our world of brave, honest, clever people, not to mention a mother of two, who pursue their work out of a love for humanity? This survival of the fittest business means only the slobs and the slaves and the snakes will be left behind. Just in time for everything to be blown to heck in a nuclear holocaust, I guess. People power, people power, power to the people. Won’t you do your work this time?


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