Nice interview with one of the screenwriters for Lage Raho Munnabhai, Dr Abhijat Joshi:

That day I realised the impact this film could have. Over the centuries, great artists like Charles Dickens, Gibson and Arthur Miller have dealt with social problems. It doesn’t mean that the problems vanished. But it is an important step in a particular direction.

That’s how I view this film. An important step. Just one film will not make corruption or superstitions vanish. But it will start a debate. When people engage in debate, it creates an ambience through which eventually these things are confronted. If Charles Dickens had not written Oliver Twist, child labour may have continued longer. It did not put a stop to child labour in the 19th century England but it started something.

Well, I had my first bad experience with online shopping. About time I ceased and desisted too. Ordered some CDs and the much longed-for Ella Fitzgerald: First Lady of Song box set in March, only to have the whole order go missing, and the retailer only willing to give a partial refund after months of enquiry. It’s hard on them too, I know — how could they trust that I was telling the truth? There are only so many doors that the Internet can open.

At first, they were not going to give me nuts. I fumed a bit, then it occurred to me: I’ve had enough. Should they return even a bit of the money, I’ll ask them to donate it to Equality Now instead. If they return the full amount, it’s going to the tithe. Felt much better when I decided that. Unfortunately, they couldn’t donate the money and will refund it back to my card. Had to furnish them with full details for that. Hope it won’t end in further misery. The refund’s going to the tithe. And one day, I will hear Ella’s songbooks.

Keep on Gandhigiri (Gandhi-ing).


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