Cherry Oak Tree Karaoke

Discovered a revelatory new way to listen to music, thanks to a tip off about Art Tatum. Consequently felt an intense joy by listening as a lowly piano player rather than a confused fangirl. Click!

This article on Apple Computer and its $10 billion in the bank seems an important read somehow. Some secret mechanism to finance unlocked therein. Lemme know if you find it, thanks. Meanwhile, I am adamantly awaiting my MacBook (revised edition).

Time is passing, tick tock tick tock. If (however ironically) fewer and fewer are choosing the sciences in Eng-er-land, then it’s ever more a pipe dream to find work at a publisher there, isn’t it? I’m chockful of pipe dreams, but none of them have been weeded out yet.

Check it out! A green car faster than a Ferrari! Built by Lotus. But whatever is nutty speed for? My dad says it’s generally safer to get to top speed at will — my guess is that’s cos there are plenty o’ nutcases to avoid out there. I started all saint-like with road losers when I first got my licence, then I got pissed and mouthed off in my brain, now I just roll my eyes at idiocy and (Singaporean-ly) pretend not to notice danged show-offs.

Next, have a gander at Grigory “Grisha” Perelman, recent refuser of the Nobel Prize and possibly the cleverest individual in the current.

Finally, an inspiration for all us mediocre-to-bad students out there: Henry Porter, journalist and editor, tells us “I’m proof that academic failure can be good for you” — but do stay in school, kids! Provoking comments on his article follow it. He ends with a gem of a quote from Andre Gide (though goodness knows from which book) that I would like to repeat here:

You who will come when I have ceased to hear the noises of this earth and to taste its dew upon my lips, it is for you I write these pages; for perhaps you are not sufficiently amazed at being alive; you do not wonder as you should at this astounding miracle of your life.

Sometimes you can’t tell from lack of context or sense whether an author is pulling your leg, so let’s just accept the purity of this at face value.


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