The irony’s killing me

Strange and wonderful lines from The Good Girl, scripted by Mike White (who — hey! — also wrote the neato Nacho Libre):

After living in the dark so long, a glimpse of the light can make you giddy.
Strange thoughts come into your head and you better think them.
Has a special fate been calling you and you’re not listening?
Is there a secret message in front of you and you’re not reading it?
Is this your last, best chance?
Are you gonna take it?
Or are you going to the grave with unlived lives in your veins?

What an unexpectedly kooky movie. Didn’t expect it to rile me in bits and charm me in rivets. Didn’t think it would have a self-contained universe of remarkable characterisation. Why is Nick Drake always a Canker Kid of gentle sorrow? And phew, Jake Gyllenhaal, when he didn’t look alarmingly like his sister (who was an intense hook in Secretary, by the way), can only be described with the word “luscious”. No, I didn’t watch Brokeback Mountain, despite my best intentions. Yes, to brown hair and blue eyes, from afar. I would like to watch Donnie Darko. And re-read Catcher in the Rye. And hear these lines again:

That day I read the story Holden wrote for me.
It was kind of different from the other ones, but kind of the same.
It was about a girl who was put upon, whose job is like a prison and whose life has lost all meaning.
Other people don’t get her, especially her husband.
One day she meets a boy who’s also put upon and they fall in love.
After spending their whole lives never getting got, with one look they get each other completely.
In the end, the girl and the boy run away together into the wilderness, never to be heard from again.

Woah, I whacked a flying (teenaged) cockroach. 小强,你死得好惨


2 thoughts on “The irony’s killing me

  1. sigh. the good girl was meant to be aniston’s big serious oscar-worthy role. put in that perspective, i found her performance wanting in the film. she can’t escape rachel green i.e. she can’t act. so i think that about ruined it for me. unbelievable casting. they should have used a more plain looking actress with less of a body. anyhow. secretary rocks! but i hate donnie darko… :(

  2. well, jennifer aniston was meant to be the straight (wo)man in the film, and what does being able to act mean anyway? maybe she was just a victim of her living room celebrity. like, how i couldn’t take zach braff seriously in garden state cos of scrubs. donnie darko … didn’t want to watch it, but now i MUST. since i sure as heck ain’t gonna watch day after tomorrow. will see what video ezy has to offer.

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