Woot! woot!

Run no. Date Distance Ran What the Hey Happened
1 M, 24 Jul 06 1 km Ran outta gas at eerie Jurong Lake — but had funny farm fun with outdoor exercise equipment
2 Th, 27 Jul 06 3 km Had gas to spare! — was it the Chicken Whopper Jr?
3 M, 31 Jul 06 3 km Had to steel myself through a bad stitch for the last 500 m — the horror, the horror
4 M, 7 Aug 06 4 km Hwah-tah! Think Taebo really helped me past not running for a week — Went slow and steady with an awful crick in the neck
5 W, 9 Aug 06 1 h approx. Who knows how long we ran? The Botanical Gardens’ park ranger person surely did not.
6 W, 16 Aug 06 5 km Felt just about right, though this makes the third straight day I’ve exercised — is this healthy?! Alamak, just got chided by Mum for jogging late at night

Yesterday, the cats and dogs really roared down on my way to work. Had to drive, and forgot how to turn the gears to 4WD mode, so was on edge much of the time and thankful to get to the office alive! Left me exhilarated. Always memorable when the weather overpowers the ol’ ennui. Didn’t miss the ticklish sight of the “Have a pleasant day” sign on the expressway masked by the poursome rain, though.

Writing at work went reasonably well today, for my standards anyway — managed to finish somewhat on time, is what! The words rolled out like thunder, yes! Plus, am fluffed up happy that a small piece I wrote about Sid Fleischman’s The Whipping Boy made one little fella wanna read the book! Though it was prolly cos he’s naturally inquisitive, hmm. And then, also balanced by a logical flaw in something I wrote being pointed out … but fair is fair!

Overall, an okay pokky of a day, especially since I greatly feared it would be otherwise.


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