Our 41st Birthday

Run no. Date Distance Ran What the Hey Happened
1 M, 24 Jul 06 1 km Ran outta gas at eerie Jurong Lake — but had funny farm fun with outdoor exercise equipment
2 Th, 27 Jul 06 3 km Had gas to spare! — was it the Chicken Whopper Jr?
3 M, 31 Jul 06 3 km Had to steel myself through a bad stitch for the last 500 m — the horror, the horror
4 M, 7 Aug 06 4 km Hwah-tah! Think Taebo really helped me past not running for a week — Went slow and steady with an awful crick in the neck
5 W, 9 Aug 06 1 h approx. Who knows how long we ran? The Botanical Gardens’ park ranger person surely did not.

Let it be known that all three ‘ponds’ of the Gardens were covered, so just about the whole circumference was done, including the unintended circling of the ex-SMU/NIE campus, ahem.

Still haven’t re-read Othello! Busy cleaning up sordid portion of room (while the other sordid parts stand by idly).

And voilà, pictures of my gran that I’m particularly fond of:


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