Seven eight nine

Run no. Date Distance Ran What the Hey Happened
1 M, 24 Jul 06 1 km Ran outta gas at eerie Jurong Lake — but had funny farm fun with outdoor exercise equipment
2 Th, 27 Jul 06 3 km Had gas to spare! — was it the Chicken Whopper Jr?
3 M, 31 Jul 06 3 km Had to steel myself through a bad stitch for the last 500 m — the horror, the horror
4 M, 7 Aug 06 4 km Hwah-tah! Think Taebo really helped me past not running for a week — Went slow and steady with an awful crick in the neck

Ooh, saw this weird otter-like creature poking its head out of the canal water while jogging, don’t think it was a hallucination. Maybe it was a monitor lizard! Too bad a sane person wouldn’t go jogging with her digicam.

Watched Omkara, the Hindi version of Othello yesternight — but I think to refrain from a review till I’ve reread the original. For more to chew on. Anyway — it’s worth a watch!

Wheedled my grandma into a swing ride at MacRitchie today, complete with an initial tumble onto the sand. Good to see her let out a real laugh as she was swinging away, it brought back a face I remembered.


3 thoughts on “Seven eight nine

  1. Sayesha has been bugging me to start training for the Stan Chart 10km run. In Dec, mind you. She reckons I should follow your example. I shall buy a new pair of Asics trainers soon!

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