Keep your back to the rain

Hurrah! Diana Wynne Jones’s new Chrestomanci book will be out in September!!! Not happy about the new cover design though, much prefer the old style. Now my collection’s gonna look weird. Not even kooky. Just danged weird.

But anyway, I just love her work. Love love love. Own and read just about everything by her, except Changeover, her first novel, which I can’t seem to finish, and Yes Dear, a kiddie book I’ve only just found out about. Can’t remember if I have A Sudden Wild Magic or not … Once thought Kinokuniya stocked it, but that turned out to be a wrong ISBN entry on their part, sheesh.

Happiness is a warm bookstore on a cold day. I’m thinking of that rainy afternoon in March of a certain year, when I stumbled into Kinderbuchladen in Zürich. You know when a bookstore is pure magic when everything’s in German and everything’s for kiddies, but it still feels like home. With two storeys, a cappucino machine and a little nook under the staircase with toys to hold in the kiddies’ cries. Nice. Ended up with no book (of course — was frustrating though liberating that Zürich was chockful of little bookstores that I had no way of patronising) and a red rabbit-print umbrella for the rain.


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