Space in brain for rent

I have seen the light, and it’s coming from a Mini XXL Stretch Limo. This beast exists!!!

Shocked, I tell you, shocked. Is it legal? I’ll tell you what shocks me even more — found out about this beastie from a Jolin Tsai video!?

George Orwell’s “Bookshop Memories” essay has led me to reconsider my little dream of owning one of my own one fine day. Too dangerous. Might hate books. Will have to think about scaling down the dream to a hut in a forested area and maybe driving it into a niche.

So guys have dens and dolls have boudoirs. What do kiddies have? Playrooms. I pretty much have everything I would want in my boudoir — books, movies, music, light, warmth, Mac and comfort — except the luxury of space and fine trappings to concoct the perfect atmosphere with. But what is human perfection but sheer inanity, anyway. Hearsay. Insanity. Molotov cocktail — oh, so that’s my favourite shot from the compulsive watch that is Pink Floyd’s The Wall.


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