Me talk needy one day

Aw heck, why’d I go and put up so many pictures of me for? Gotta stop taking the easy way out.

Does everybody have problems, or what? But here’s a mixed hope to ponder on:

Tenerife tourists help migrants
Tourists on a beach in Tenerife have come to the aid of 88 exhausted African migrants — among 205 who reached the Canary Islands on three open boats.

The sunbathers helped them with whatever they could provide until police and Red Cross workers arrived.

Some tourists drove their off-road vehicles onto La Tejita beach to help migrants who were too weak to walk.

Will only in-your-face tragedies lead to uplifting action? Then we should get to where help is needed. Won’t be easy. Might not like it. Could be spouting on empty here. But world’s too big and strange, and people don’t pretend to be as mature as they should as often as they should. So here’s something to consider: a gap year for voluntary adventure.

Enough high-horsing for now. Perhaps you’d like to read about the books rather than the children affected by the bombs falling on Lebanon:

Boyd Tonkin: A week in books
At a time when bombs, shells and missiles are wrecking so many lives, it may seem frivolous or callous to worry that they also menace books. Look at history, however, and you’ll find that a contempt for human beings and a contempt for the culture that they fashion never stand too far apart. In Beirut, this week, some books that powerful but truly callous people in the West really ought to read have just about survived — so far. They are languishing in a warehouse in the pulverised south of the city used by Saqi Books.


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