Hearing loss

I’m kinda bushed but buoyed after spending the night vibrating in Zouk. And a bit deafer. And happy not to have a compulsive need to go clubbing (people on the head?). I just wanna give a barbaric yawp out to the doozies who put up their lighters during a drum-n-bass routine. Hello, wrong musical idiom, you twitties. Thank goodness it was all quite benign and manageable (except for the smoke-got-in-my-eyes-and-lungs thing) during the Juice DJ competition tonight. Oh where do they get the money for the glorious prizes! One of the sponsors — Adidas — screened this lengthy compilation clip of famous people and mo’dells wearing the brand — turned me right off with the shoddy workmanship and obvious mindfog sales pitch.

So anyway, the music was mostly house (I only feel what it is, I have no idea why it’s called house) (and a house is not a home, mind you, ha ha) plus some drum-n-bass (not rock ballads, people). Not my very first time listening to house, so managed to enjoy the groove while it lasted (as dished out by friend I was supporting). But let me tell you, poor reader, what and whose music always feels like home no matter where my ears have been:

  • Ella Fitzgerald
  • The Beatles
  • Mid 90s Brit Pop
  • Mid 60s Brit Pop
  • Maria Callas
  • Michael Crawford
  • George Gershwin

Cos those were my first loves. I have indulged in many a salacious affair ever since but, really, you never forget the first blush of musical awakening.

Music is my sanctuary
Music is my life
Music is my sanctuary
Music is my life

So sang some Blue Note chantreuse. Ole! (Speaking of which, here’s another enduring World Cup 2006 image — Germans doing the Mexican wave. Ole!)


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