Run baby run

Preparation for the 10-km run is well under way (foot?)! Hmm, proper running shoes (New Balance, baby) + bracing night wind = barely any fatigue!

Run no. Date Distance What happened
1 M, 24 Jul 06 1 km Ran outta gas at eerie Jurong Lake — but had funny farm fun with outdoor exercise equipment
2 Th, 27 Jul 06 3 km Had gas to spare! — was it the Chicken Whopper Jr?


Relaxed back home to MTV Cribs — Wah, Richard Branson has a really neat island-villa thing going on in the British Virgin (where else) Isles. Bought it when he was 24, uh hmm. Apparently it’s for rent some times of the year! Is Club Med really that dinky an idea?

Found out Landy Wen isn’t with Alfa Music any more. Wow, passing of an era; she was its earliest artiste, before Jay Chou even. Some wistfulness, some dismay, some knowingness that she has to move on — having grown a set of beautiful wings, it’s time to fly, or be forever tied to the soundpost — going past the Michael Lin vibe in her last compilation album did bring out an amazing dimension to her voice, and boy does she have one. She’s branching out into acting with her new record company, hope she won’t be pigeonholed in some “fiesty gal” or “icky butch” mode. Will her voice ever be matched with a Jay Chou melody again? Will Jolin Tsai’s? Who knows? One day all this will be retro.


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