How panicked should I be?

Heck, the world’s falling into pieces (again), so the prospect of running 10 kilometres at a stretch with many many many other women in three months’ time must no longer wax large in my piss-in-pantsimation. I mean, take a look around:

How can our old skins hold this “new” wine? Something’s gonna burst at the seams pretty darned soon, isn’t it? Before that happens, allow me to recommend this invaluable read from a Lebanese writer:

The Cedar Is Still Standing
Alexandre Najjar
I was eight years old when bloody and brutal conflict erupted in Lebanon, and 23 when the guns at last fell silent. The war was an unbearable nightmare for me, but was also – how could I deny it? – an excellent schooling in life lessons. Ernest Hemingway wrote that “any war experience is priceless for a writer”. He was right. Without the war, I would have been another man. All my life I will undoubtedly regret not having had a peaceful childhood and having often seen death from too short a distance. But these regrets, these trials, have given me a new understanding of life. …



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