The ante-ethics of blogging

Four times in my life have I encountered some variation on this situation: “I can’t let you/other people we know read my blog.” What’s awkward is what’s unsaid, except in that flicker of a moment when eyes refuse to meet: “I wrote summat about someone (mebbe you) that I cannae bear to make known now that we have come to an understanding that I mayn’t have expected from the fore.”

So I have formed my own ante-ethics of blogging based on this dilemma that walls up (mebbe) forever a v. interesting part of another — never write anything about anyone (or, actually, anything) you know in a way that you would be ashamed of if you had to read it out loud in his/her presence. Tis another take, I realise, on the injunction “And as ye would that men should do to you, do ye also to them likewise” (Luke 6:31).


9 thoughts on “The ante-ethics of blogging

  1. It’s a very good point. Good checkpoint before hitting ‘publish’.

    My case is a bit different I guess. I’m usually reluctant to let my parents read it not because I blog about them but because I know how worried they will get when they read little things like my struggle to find a house, my struggles with juggling work with studies and all that… it’s difficult not to get worried when you live so far away from your children I guess, so I just wanna keep them away from the not so pretty parts of my life :)

  2. Ah, ok now it’s five times in my life I’ve encountered this phenomenon! :p I think it’s definitely the blogger’s perogative whether or not to reveal the blog of residence. In your case, it’s just a pity that your parents/sis never get to hear the wonderful take you have on the crazy things that happen to you, both good and bad. C’est la vie (on the Net)!

  3. ok i’m a bit thick about reciprocity because i just don’t think people are interested. my problem is (yes its mine not yours) i only have 5 hits a day. and i am shy about increasing readership. but okay, read if you want to.

    by the way, the form thingy for ‘URL’ says ‘URI’ (save me!)

  4. can’t bare to stand naked in front of a crowd of familiar faces. you can’t imagine how long it took me before i could show anyone anything i had drawn (not counting family). would usually cringe in total embarassment/modesty (not sure which).
    strangely, strangers are OK. i can safely ignore them.

  5. dc — thanks for the opened door, and guess what? It’s not so much URi as urL in reverse, that’s why! (Caught me from the outset too.)

    mavj — please can i see summat you’ve drawn?

  6. I know what you mean… kinda sad because my Dad is also quite the blogger (on email though) and he should not be deprived of his daughter’s writings when everyone else is reading ’em… so I periodically copy-paste and send him some of my posts :)

  7. Tha’s a FABULOUS idea! :) Awesome retirement plan for him! Thanks!! :)

    Will get on it when I go home… as of now, he doesn’t use the Internet too much, so I’m sure he won’t bother to get into blogging till I coax him and show him the wonders of the blogosphere! :)

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