Supes breathes again

I can never look at that costume in the same way again.

The Bryan Singer I know is not from the X-men movies (could never bear to watch ’em, for some reason) but from Apt Pupil, another of the McKellen Must-sees. So I was expecting great storytelling based purely on that movie. Also, the casting of the allegedly Reeve-like though much more delicate-looking Brandon Routh as Kar-El was intriguing — how would he fit in? How much of Reeve’s definitive Superman would we find in him? The answer I took away today was that Routh found that Superman and much more — there was nothing contrived or conniving for adulation in his performance.

And now I have fallen in love with the idea of Superman all over again; or rather, entranced by this archetype of all superheroes — someone who stands for justice and truth. There is an almost unbearable tenderness to this movie, balanced with all the excitement Superman is capable of. (What a movie it would make if the intense buddy-ness he has with Batman in the comics is brought over to the silver screen! To be co-directed and Singer and Christopher Nolan! Would Christian Bale be too scary for Routh, though? Nah. They both radiate separate but equal regalities.)

Another solid supporting cast, including the wee lad. Very well-wrought script too, even though the laughs were never as helplessly human as Spidey’s (who is human, after all). The Christ analogy was a tad too much for me, though. All in all, inspired, inspiring, insightful, and never insipid — this AICN review tells it like it is. I have to go find Superman I and II now.


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