It hurts so bad

ARGHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!The English defence, however, can go home with their heads held high. Penalties are just too cruel — no one deserves to win if they can’t score in open play. Arghhhhhhhhh! Emotionally and physically drained, liao.


4 thoughts on “It hurts so bad

  1. Football is the cruellest game. Anyways, Rooney scares the beje*** out of me. He looks like he can, and will, snap your neck in a sec. And, stamping someone’s gonads is just so not cool.

  2. Rooney is eight feet tall and has eyes the size of saucers. From what I saw, I thought the step back into the nether regions was accidental, and the heavy impact was thanks to gravity plus mass of Rooney. On the other hand, he didn’t help matters much by reacting too familiarly to C Ronaldo (argh).

    Anyway, still feeling kinda down. Can’t really tahan watching football with more people than myself, it’s frickin’ exhausting, even with all the other associated good bits.

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