This and that — did you get a Mac yet?

Some choice tidbits to ruminate upon:

  1. Ho ho ho, another instalment of Get a Mac ads!
  2. How a decade-old marriage isn’t really a marriage, eh?
  3. Skeleton-o-dodo
  4. Bah, humbug — get with the programme, G8 countries!
  5. I like the Guardian World Cup 2006 blogs — oftentimes I just need things talked up to make ’em properly appealing (like OPI nail polish — without their colourful naming of, um, colours, I just can’t get excited about mani-pedicures)!

After a few good months of not feeling poor, I am feeling so again. Compared to some of my peers who have homes, cars, utilities, babies, insurance and further education to fork out for, I am a real dipstick when it comes to stewarding my resources. Compared to the many families out there who feed and clothe multiple mouths on half of what I earn, I lead a shameless life indeed. Gah!


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