Save the earth

Been feeling all guilty ’bout my consumerist, not-enough-recycling ways. Need to stop grasping at feelings and start doing.

Please read this nice little ditty on eco-driving. Key excerpt as follows:

How to get more out of your car

  • Drive more smoothly: harsh accelerating and braking use up much more fuel
  • Avoid excessive speed, especially on motorways
  • Watch ahead to anticipate when to slow down or stop well in advance
  • Change gear as soon as possible, ideally around 1,500-2,500 revs
  • Once the engine is warm, turn it off if you are going to stop for longer than a minute
  • Keep tyre pressure at right level
  • Take any excess baggage out of the car, and racks and boxes off the roof
  • Switch off or turn down air conditioning and heating
  • Avoid unnecessary trips
  • Buy a more efficient car

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