Georgia on my mind

Since the film fest‘s on, went to watch “Tbilisi-Tbilisi” tonight, having thought it was “Tsotsi” … well duh, the former’s from Georgia and the latter’s from South Africa!!! (Sure sign of madness.) But worked out all right in any case; unwittingly received an insight into a mad, bad, sad way to run a country and how good, thinking people anywhere cope with craziness in their lives. Really, what a horrible way to live. How do messes like wars and ethnic effin’ cleasing get the go-ahead? No more hearts, just stones or gold. Encountered a different kind of filmmaking too — don’t know if the director, Levan Zaqareishvili, is typical of his country’s film industry (I don’t even know if there is one, all things being portrayed as bleak and bleached), but he surely did take his time. There was true skill and passion and good ol’ talent involved though — I did feel as though a creaky door to an alien yet strangely familiar world had been opened for me and a firm hand had pushed me through it. Um, ok, good night and good luck.

PS: Last rant for the night — setting aside my wanting to yank the hair off the woman in front of me who kept shifting in her seat, the attention-craving air-conditioning and the late dimming of lights in the theatre, why the hey the projectionists in Lido 3 were talking so danged LOUDLY?


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