Iqbal (2005): A gem is unearthed

60. Iqbal (2005) — Woo hoo hoo! Finally got to watch this long-long-long-awaited film (a few weeks ago)! Seriously, it took so long I was checking out Mustafa’s DVD shelves regularly for it … So anyway, while Iqbal didn’t ignite a burning passion for cricket, it was such an enjoyable and heartfelt journey of a passion brought to gentle, glorious fruition that I can’t help but feel won over. Just, won over. Even if you know how the story goes, there is much to be savoured in this telling. One more thing — Dear Shreyas Talpade, O you rockin’ actor you, please ensure you have a long and beautiful career, for you are second only to SRK in my shelf esteem now (we’re talkin’ male Bollywood actors here).


5 thoughts on “Iqbal (2005): A gem is unearthed

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