There are feathers in my tar

Eeyonks above! There are moonquakes!

In answer to a cranky commentee, unfortunately, I have no pics of sojourn in Sitiawan, Perak — have not been armed with a digicam for some years now, though there are some at hand. Just got sick of that whole compulsive shooting of silly self and ho-hum surroundings after a time.

Now what did I do there? Main objective: attend a beloved uncle-in-law’s 70th birthday celebrations. Turns out: Fell ill from a sore throat and the searing heat the 1st day I was there, duly recovered with the help of a hitherto unknown relative’s mighty strong antibiotics (he’s a doctor, la, who actually asked why I chose not to go into the medical field — long story), aunt-ish concern and restful sleep at my most beloved aunt’s home. Her well-kept house holds the best memories for me, with its parquet flooring on the second floor and the smell of the books and comics familiar to me and her brilliant children and grandchildren.

So, yeah, I kicked back, hung out with my charming extended family, ate a lot of lovingly prepared food by a rawkin’ cook of a cousin and another rocker of an aunt, and did some local shopping (found an H&M top for 9 ringgit! Life’s not fair.). Have never went back to my mom’s hometown by myself before, and usually I don’t enjoy it as much, so really … I had a great time.

Plus, eeks, the number of wee children around making the darndest noise! Thought I’d escaped when I got to Johor Bahru, but in the car of the yet-another-cool-cousin pickin’ me up was … another 2 wee bairns! Shy at first, but when you offer them a biscuit, the resultant letting down of the proverbial hair takes some beating! (And did they give me a smackdown!) I could still hear the caterwauling of children as I drowsed off to sleep on the first night back …

But I learnt something even with the crazy chillun — my beloved aunt’s technique for dealing with rowdiness, passed down to her own awesome children, was tolerance, forbearance, and giving-ness, not taking away-ness. Those children are coddled, cuddled and cajoled, not blasted, berated or beaten. Amazing. Made me reflect much on my own temper. Bad temper. It’s just so important to take time outta your environment or you become a self-consumed, all-consuming freak of nature. Or just twisted. I now find myself contemplative and fearful, thank God. Hallelujah!!!


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