The wrinkly prune of youth

“Blogger. n. Someone with nothing to say writing for someone with nothing to do.”

Um. So anyway, I have been absent due to busyness saving the world, just to let me know. Have just been distracted with distractions, etc. Not getting any younger for this. Getting older. And older. And older.

Am now older than when I started writing this post.

Don’t think it’s envy of youth I’m looking at now. It’s envy of potential. I have wasted so much of mine. Am I a dried-up prune already?

Going to watch Buffy now, ta.


2 thoughts on “The wrinkly prune of youth

  1. Read (red) “Tuesdays with Morrie”… Nice book. Maybe we do spend too much time looking back. There’s so much to do yet. What is age after all? Maybe we shouldn’t look at it as just physical decay… If anything, we’re getting better with age.

    Blogger… I would add this to the end of that first line:
    “… in the process, making them both think about things which they mightn’t have thought about otherwise”

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