Chandni (1989): How high the moon

55. Chandni (1989) — This movie started out as a drowsy romance punctuated by the delightful nine bracelets song, “Mere Haathon Main Nau Nau Chudiyaa Hai”. Sridevi is quite amazing (doesn’t Tabu bear a close resemblance?) but I had to pace myself with the movie lest I fell off the chair from sweethearty overload. Things perked up considerably and even became quite special towards the denouement. Although I was still very much aware of the all-too-neat, sometimes illogical and much-abused/copied (and consequently trite) storyline, the excellent cast (with amazingly unattractive male leads, though Rishi Kapoor and Vinod Khanna had moments in which they transcended all possible limitations to tear-jerk me) and unconventional (for its time at least) rendering saved the 170-minute movie. I’m afraid that sheer musicality and Suisse-love of Yash Chopran movies go a bit too far for me sometimes. Or maybe I should just get more sleep!


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