Company (2002): Kudos, really

54. Company (2002) — Back to recent Hindi cinema! First, some accolades:

  • Best Overstaged by Moustache Award: Ajay Devgan, playing Malik, aka Monster
  • Best Overstaging of Everyone, including himself in later roles, Award: Vivek Oberoi, playing Chandu, aka The Dude
  • Best Haircut on an Actress, Ever, Award: Manisha Koirala, playing Saroka, aka The Surprise Ditz
  • Best Complex-ly Written & Acted Supporting Cast Award: This movie’s, lah.

Now for some serious discussion. OK, who am I kidding? Here’s what I think –Company is a good movie, from tip-top cast (Hey! Those 2 highly talented lovebirds from Monsoon Wedding are here! And woah! That police chief is dang freaky!) to solid-foundation crew, that could have been a cast-iron classic if not for the very strange turn of character motivation near the end of the script. The required suspension of disbelief was stretched beyond propriety with the sudden ‘oh, that’s all right, then’ realisation and the oversimplified ‘I was scared, but now that I’ve disclosed my mistake, I don’t have to feel bad any more’ character detail. Otherwise, this is a tightly played, gripping, revealing, and sometimes downright astounding piece of work. Qoo-dos!


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